Sponsor A Teacher One Week

Sponsor A Teacher One Week

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Our sponsor a teacher program, led my my mom Lisa Skaer, will provide lettuce and eggs or lettuce and microgreens to the Waterloo School teachers. She will deliver weekly! Choose to sign up to sponsor a teach for one week, one month, or all three months we run the program. Feather’s Farm will sponsor one teacher for every 10 sponsored. We will start Jan28th and run through April. 

(After purchase, disregard the auto pick up instructions for Stubborn. We will deliver to the school)

Here is a note from Lisa:

My heart goes out to teachers. Having raised four children and taught for 20 years in the Waterloo school district I know first hand, this is a group of people that work very hard under normal classroom conditions. But now, to be put under the strain of teaching multiple different ways to ensure students who are both present in the classroom and learning from home are being taught thoroughly and effectively in the very same day, everyday, is unimaginable. I know their hearts. They are trying their best to reach every student. They are striving to engage, challenge and encourage students under almost impossible conditions. Help me to bless our teachers! -Lisa