About Us

In 2014 we moved from town to give our children a similar upbringing to what we had. Our childhood was outdoors; full of adventure and full of laughter. We wanted the kids to make their own memories building forts in the woods, roaming the fields and walking the creek till dusk; and yes they’ve done a great job at making these memories. 

The evolution of the farm started with a garden, again as we’d both had growing up. And the evolution went something like:
Garden -> Homestead -> Farm; in four years…
An impulse buy of 12 chickens is now 700, and the garden now includes greenhouses producing year round.

We’re hesitant to say where things are going because the direction of the farm is ever changing regardless of what plans we make. Our goal hasn’t changed however, here at Feather’s Farm we’re trying to be good stewards of what we’ve been blessed with.

P.S. Feather is a nickname given to Keith, it has nothing to do with chickens, just a coincidence that seemed to fit. The farm isn’t all Feather, without the help and support of family and friends it wouldn’t be what it is today!