Day 2 Tour with Feather – Garage Work Space

So funny thing: we both grew up out in the country without having garages. All of our lives, the cars (multiple cars due to so many siblings in our families) sat outside. When we got married and moved into town, we moved into a house without a garage for 7 years. Then, we moved out here in the country again and lo and behold, it had a garage. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves ……so we still parked our cars outside lol. While I would love to add an addition to our house and convert that space into a larger living room, for now it has become our gardening work space! Keith did a great job recycling materials and using the space efficiently for our purposes this summer.

In this video Keith shows us his garage conversion from a regular garage into a gardening/egg storage, work space, cleaning, and packaging area.

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