Fall Fun and Exciting New Decisions

Exciting news! We have officially decided to move our little hobby farm into a “for real” side business. Still moving slowly since we already have a lot on our plates……like life with 6 crazy kids, etc. However, starting next Spring we will have produce bags available, a large strawberry harvest, an ongoing bulk supply of salad greens, and our first batch of honey. Produce bag deliveries will be available weekly to people in the surrounding areas. We will have a limited supply so get on the list now if you’re interested! It will be on a week to week basis, without a commitment. Email me at betsyjonz@gmail.com. Here is an example from this fall:


Since we finished the strawberry patch project, we have been full force trying to get the greenhouse done in time for a good winter lettuce harvest. The jury is still out on that as the plants are small and daylight hours are dwindling. Hoping for the best! We decided to build it ourselves instead of buying a greenhouse kit. This allows us the flexibility of expanding it with ease as well as saving on cost. Keith bought a bender and purchased the poles from a local fencing company at a great price. We rented an attachment for the CAT to get the poles buried and then the hoops slipped right in. A lot of tedious work happened after that. This week it was finally ready for the plastic. We still need to get doors cut out, vents in, and two more rows of plants in the ground.

We finished harvesting our fall produce which included broccoli, cauliflower, purple hull peas, and some late tomatoes and peppers. The low tunnels worked out great for the cauliflower and broccoli. By using the tunnels we were able to keep the pest population down enough to produce a healthy product without any sprays. Keith had to climb in a few times and kill worms, so he said if anyone wants a head of broccoli it’ll be like $50! Next year, we’ll have to teach the kids how to do it! Give them a quarter for every worm they kill.


With the end of the season we took a few breaks this fall and had some fun. We went apple picking, camping with friends, trick or treating, attended a wedding, and had a handful of family birthdays!


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