Bone Broth, Hard Boiled Fresh Eggs, and Baby Bunnies

Having fresh chickens on hand is a new thing for our family. Most of our marriage consisted of very few chicken meals. Ironically, my husband wasn’t a fan of chicken and found it dry. We mostly ate deer, beef, or fish. Well now that we are raising chickens and have frozen chicken packed away at all times, we eat it a lot! With that comes a lot of bone broth as well. I LOVE that our chickens produce not only a good meal for us, but awesome health benefits from the broth that I can add to almost any other meal that isn’t even chicken related.

What’s the difference between chicken stock and bone broth? Bone broth has just been simmered long enough to pull the nutrients out. You can do it a number a ways from the stove top, to the crock pot, to an instapot. Just look up a bone broth recipe for your cooking method. Most recipes tell you to put in spices and vegetables, but seriously all you really need are the chicken bones!

I use the broth is cook pasta, rice, gravy, or add to soups. This recipe was a crock pot recipe and told me to cook on low for 24 hours. I’ll strain it and probably can the broth since we don’t have a lot of available freezer space.


Onto hard boiling farm fresh eggs. I know after having chickens for 3 years we should really know how to effectively do this by now, but I’ve really just avoided it. Any attempt to hard boil our fresh eggs resulted in a frustrating situation that made me want to throw it. Old eggs are easier to hard boil, because the membrane has separated itself from the eggshell. Not so with fresh eggs.

However, this week I read about trying to steam the eggs and it worked! I didn’t even have a real steam basket. I just used a metal pasta strainer that didn’t even quite fit in the pot right (the lid was cracked open a bit). I added a little water to the bottom, put the lid on top, and steamed for 20 mins. Peeled them under cool running water and wahoo! Perfectly hard boiled eggs that peeled like a dream.


We also had baby bunnies born about 2 weeks ago. These aren’t meat rabbits. We tried those and decided it really wasn’t worth the time. I love bunnies though so I managed to talk Keith into letting me get a couple. We bought a female Lionhead and a male Holland Lop. My intention was to buy the opposite sex of each this spring at the bird swap in town.

When the weather got really cold though, we moved them into the garage into our baby chick cages. Somehow they ended up in the same cage and the result was these cute baby bunnies. We aren’t really sure what they’ll end up looking like! Hopefully cute! I love having animals around because the kids get to learn and experience the whole process. They were so excited when Sammi (the pregnant Lionhead) started pulling out her fur to make bedding for the babies. They were excited everyday to check and see if the babies were born. This picture is when they were about 10 days old and just barely opening their eyes.


That’s all for today!

All Things New

I love new things. I love new sheets, new socks, and fresh bread. Springtime is my favorite time of year. I decided to start a blog to help document all the new things and changes happening in our life and our property. We’ve lived here for 4 years and have already made many changes. We’ve put in a garden, a small orchard, a large chicken flock with seasonal meat birds, and solar panels. This year in particular though is catapulting us into some very new adventures! In the plans this year are pigs, goats, and greenhouses.

I’ll start posting more as the projects start unfolding this spring! Here are some photos of the past few years though and the changes that have already taken place.